About us

“It makes your family live happier”


To emerge as one of the leading companies, touching new dimension in the sphere of Real Estate and to garner tremendous customer support. We are committed to doing, the relentless effort, with the purpose of delivering best to our customers and to become the prime choice in the market. Further, we ensure to cater the best services in the Business, setting up a paradigm, in our every endeavour.


To create, an outstanding ambience, for living that is designed for a healthy lifestyle, in the close touch of nature. We are also striving to develop a pulse of fraternity among company and client relations that will flower to provide best opportunities, unleashing new prospects in the Real Estate sector.

About Humming

Humming Group is the emerging Real Estate brand in the market, that is propelled by Amulaya Realcon LLP. An endeavour, to connect people with beautiful nature which will enable them, to live their life, with unforeseen joyous experience in the nearness of nature. This group is thriving, as one of the leading Real Estate companies in central India, that is all set, to deliver its best developments that will boast of its incredible team effort. The company has successfully been able to meet the expectations of its customers in its earlier projects that have brought about, the genesis of Humming Coterie.